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Initial Training

The purpose of Audencia Business School is to train responsible, innovative managers and entrepreneurs. The School integrates instruction in entrepreneurship, innovation and digital technology right from the start of the syllabus, and also provides final-year students with majors in digital technology business lines, marketing design and entrepreneurship.

Master’s Degree course programs

Students from Audencia Business School can major in entrepreneurship, marketing / start-ups or digital technology.

The "Managers and Entrepreneurs" course is one of the majors available to the students of the Audencia Master in Management program as part of their Master’s Degree course.

The purpose of this major is to support the students in their entrepreneurial project whether it involves creating a business from scratch, management buyouts, support for entrepreneurs, taking over a business, or joining a team within a company in the creation-development phase.

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The "Management of Digital Business and Information Technology" course is one of the majors available to the students of the Audencia Master in Management program as part of their Master’s Degree course.

In partnership with the Ecole Centrale de Nantes, this major entirely taught in English provides students with the knowledge and skills enabling them to focus on the business lines of information technology: management / information systems consulting, IT project management, chief information officers, data and analytics specialists, etc.

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The "Marketing in the digital age" major trains future professionals with extended skills to imagine, deploy and manage effective marketing strategies in the digital age.

The instruction in this major is structured by a dual concern, cross-cutting all the classes: first, awareness about technology and its use, on the other hand, continually taking into account the issues related to the data, optimization and measurement of the results of the actions undertaken.

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In addition to the three majors (Brand communication, Corporate communication, Institutions and media), SciencesCom students can choose during the Master’s Degree program the course on "Innovation & Entrepreneurship in communication and media" from among the 11 courses on offer.

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The purpose of this training course is to provide the keys for analyzing digital issues and the know-how needed to design and implement a digital strategy.

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Specialized masters' ® degree program training courses

Of the 7 training courses in the Specialized Masters'® degree program available at Audencia Business School, 3 programs are especially designed to develop skills for business lines rooted in innovation, design and/or digital technology.

Design is no longer limited to the design of objects alone but also extends to services, organizational systems, or project management. Innovation has become a strategic issue within companies to devise new responses to users' daily needs. Since it is now vital to stand out clearly from the competition, the synergies within the marketing and design function can be used to combine productivity and quality effectively.

The Marketing, Design and Creation Specialized Masters'® degree program is designed to prepare future creative professionals to adapt continually, as well as to work on a cross-cutting basis with other disciplines, while occupying strategic management positions. Thanks to its co-accreditation with the Ecole Centrale de Nantes and its partnership with the Nantes Atlantique School of Design, future graduates have state-of-the-art tools and techniques, such as laser and 3D printers, to become familiar with the most innovative creative methods.

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Understanding and analyzing Big Data, selling products and services on the web, effectively communicating on digital channels, become known thanks to the levers of web marketing, working customer relations on the right media, are all new marketing disciplines that need to be understood and used.

The “Marketing Strategies in the Digital Age” Specialized Masters'® degree program was built by Audencia Business School in partnership with Marcel and ZenithOptimedia, two firms of consultants in the Publicis Group, and Atlantic 2.0, the digital innovation network with 250 companies and start-ups. This program enables future managers to acquire the strategic, analytical, technical, creative and managerial skills they will need, and work in multidisciplinary teams.

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Collaborative Management for Food Innovation

The “Collaborative Management for Food Innovation” Specialized Masters'® degree program is part of the ID4food program which includes instruction and research and brings together five local stakeholders in food innovation. The Specialized Masters'® degree program puts this collaboration into practice by bringing together students from various courses to work on the same subject; the classes are provided by the 5 five local stakeholders.

The purpose of the Specialized Masters'® degree program is to train students to supervise and manage collaborative projects in food innovation in a multicultural context. Through this training course, the students acquire the know-how and life skills needed to manage collaborative projects in food innovation while enhancing their expertise and their initial specialization.

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Entrepreneurship Bachelor's degree course, Audencia Bachelor's degree courses

In their final year, students of the Audencia Bachelor's degree course finalize their career plan by choosing one of five business lines including the Entrepreneurship sector.

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