Digital Technology and Learning

Instruction methods are on the move at Audencia Business School! Instructional innovation backed by our faculty is part of a continuous improvement initiative focusing on training course quality. The contents of curricula and teaching practices are changing so that students are increasingly active participants in their learning process. The integration of digital technology (MOOC, serious games, blended learning, etc.) and the layout of modular classrooms (e.g. Learning Lab) facilitate educational innovation projects.     

Active teaching methods integrating digital technology

The digital strategy implemented at Audencia is widely applied in the various programs. Academic staff are implementing new teaching methods based on online resources and activities. Flipped classrooms, teaching courses with interactive quizzes, and social networks are just some examples of the active instruction methods in which digital technology is a major tool for learning.

Digital serious games are now used in every discipline.

Students are fully involved and co-produce a variety of innovative blogs, websites and multimedia presentations.

Some examples of the blogs created by students for the Specialized Master’s® Degree programs:

Audencia also creates its own Digital Cases, Audiovisual Capsules and collaboration tools in the frame of project management.

Digital training by digital technology

Various courses have been set up to support students training in digital technology:

  • The communicator kit, allowing new students to familiarize themselves with social networks and distributed web tools
  • Self-training modules on the office automation suite
  • All Grande Ecole program students have access to the Wagon pedagogy, one of the best coding schools in the world, to learn how to code, build web apps and collaborate with developers.
  • Each year, Audencia Grande Ecole offers 8 "Coding Bootcamp" to students presenting the best business creation projects during the Entrepreneurship Workshop.
    The Wagon's "Coding Bootcamp" takes 9 weeks of intense full time online training and takes place within the Nantes subsidiary of the Startup. Today, it is considered as one of the best bootcamps of the world benchmarked.
    The partnership is daring: it aims to give managers the know-how to back up businesses'digital transformation or to participate to the rise of tech startups.

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E-Learning courses

Online programs and courses created by Audencia Business School enable flexible learning, individualized according to the learner's profile:

  • The International Graduate Certificate "Maximizing Global Business Performance" is provided by Audencia in conjunction with Boston University and Tecnológico de Monterrey.
  • Upgrade: Students can, if need be, profit from a training and a teacher's coaching before the courses start. Those learnings focus particularly on Management fundamental courses: Strategy - Finance - Marketing - Statistics
  • Badge Profit Centre Leader
  • Funny Learning in continuous education   



The Audencia CSR MOOC

Recognized for its expertise in Corporate Social Responsibility, Audencia has offered to attend the "CSR & Value Creation" massive open online course (MOOC) from 2014 to 2016, with the opportunity to interview CSR managers about their business practices. Today the MOOC participants have joined the Audencia CSR community on Linkedin, with about 400 members.

In 2017/2018 a new e-learning course dedicated to CSR, this time in French, is being developed.

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The new portfolio of skills and its digital version

In 2015, Audencia renewed and digitized its Skills Portfolio.


  • Changing business expectations and needs
  • Audencia’s strategic priorities: Innovation, Organizational Social Responsibility, Cooperation
  • The hybrid skills development strategy to meet the challenges of tomorrow's businesses


The Skills Portfolio is based on a repository of 15 skills grouped into 5 areas. The portfolio of each student is input with the approval of skills in the repository, assessments by placement supervisors, self-assessments and peer assessments.
Integrated with the Audencia Tomorrow portal, the Skills Portfolio allows students to visualize their skills profile, assess their strengths or improvement areas, see any differences between the academic point of view and the company's point of view or between their self-assessment and that of the members of their team. Career counselors have access to this information and can comment it with the student during mandatory individual interviews.