Audencia Learning Model

Instruction methods are on the move at Audencia Business School! Instructional innovation backed by our faculty is part of a continuous improvement initiative focusing on training course quality. The contents of curricula and instructional practices are changing so that students are increasingly active participants in their learning process. The integration of digital technology (MOOC, serious games, blended learning, etc.) and the layout of modular classrooms (e.g. Learning Lab) facilitate instructional innovation projects. 

In order to make students operational as quickly as possible, the Audencia Learning Model focuses on three priorities:

  • developing students' skills for the purposes of their professional career
  • "learning by doing" which makes students face the reality of everyday business
  • individualized courses

This instructional model fully integrates digital technology, which is used as a medium to facilitate the acquisition of knowledge (where I want, when I want), increase interactions, maintain attention, and so on. The layout of classrooms is redeveloped. Flipped learning and project-based instruction are given greater focus in the training programs. The academic staff put their expertise at the service of students by helping them to find and discern the information they need, develop critical thinking and above all use what they have learnt in diverse and complex contexts. 

To help academic staff develop increasingly innovative - participatory - collaborative teaching methods, the La Fabrique instructional innovation plant coordinates and supports innovation and instructional development initiatives by:

  • Supporting the development of innovative instructional projects facilitating experimentation
  • Developing hybrid or blended distance learning for initial training or adult education
  • Supporting academic staff and students in appropriating new instructional practices including those involving digital technology
  • Promoting and disseminating new instructional practices applied by academic staff
  • Cooperating with faculty members of the Centrale-Audencia-ensa Alliance