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The team of the Institute for Innovation, Design and Entrepreneurship
Valérie Claude-Gaudillat Valérie Claude-Gaudillat

Valérie Claude-Gaudillat

Director, Audencia Innovation

Aurélie Couapel Aurélie Couapel

Aurélie Couapel

Project Manager

Eliane Vacheret Eliane Vacheret

Eliane Vacheret

Pedagogical Engineer

Aline Polipowski Aline Polipowski

Aline Polipowski

Pedagogical Project Manager

Erika Cherel Erika Cherel

Erika Cherel

Pedagogical Engineer

Pierre Chiron Pierre Chiron

Pierre Chiron

Head of Instructional Technology

Sébastien Ronteau Sébastien Ronteau

Sébastien Ronteau

Head of Centrale-Audencia-ensa Business Incubator

Catherine Hellio Catherine Hellio

Catherine Hellio

Business Incubation Project Manager