The Perfect Vehicle

27 février 2018
As a creative training for integrating art and creation into management, an exercise was proposed to master students on the first day of the course.

The course is entitled “Organizing Creative Situations” and takes place in the new master in Management and Entrepreneurship in the Creative Economy (MECE), conceived and directed by Catherine Morel in collaboration between Audencia and the Glasgow School of Arts. The course aims at preparing the student to develop creative behavior in any kind of situation or activity, not only in the creative industries but also in any field of activity. At stake is the entrepreneurial and managerial ability to foster creativity in the ordinary course of organizational life. Not only innovation, but also adaptation to the unexpected, or resilience and small incremental change depend strongly on the organizational creativity, understood as the ability to shift, adapt, interpret or create rules and processes.

In order to get the students feel and experiment what could mean creation applied to ordinary issues, a quick and simple exercise is proposed.

The objectives of the exercise are:

  • to express one’s own creativity within a constrained frame (timing, material, demand)
  • to experiment the power of creation for a deep understanding of ordinary situations (here the situation is: being a student in this program)
  • to reveal and explore one’s motivation and interest


The main learning objective (skills form C4B):

“Entrepreneurship and Innovation”:

  • Take risks for realizing a project  / Determine the available means to answer the challenges, detect and clarify one’s ability to take risks
  • Elaborate innovating solutions / Think out of the box, imagine and propose innovative ideas


  • Becoming agile: adaptation, curiosity, proactivity / Act in a constructive way when facing the unexpected


The Protocole:

A set of varied and unusual material is proposed and displayed on a table.

  1. Student are asked to build a representation of “the vehicle that will carry them through the Master’s year” (30 minutes).
  2. Exhibition
  3. Comments by each on her/his creation


Here are examples of comments on the creations by the students:

"The assemblage of knowledge of different natures leads to openings into yet more types of knowledge, and all this will strengthen the student by giving him a solid foundation."

"the cycle, maneuverable, flexible, adaptive, that allows you to go anywhere"

"the car that walks on spring-loaded legs, to take in all types of terrain."

"The platform of access to the multi-faceted sphere, full of channels from which we can choose the one that suits us, to settle in at ease."

Translated with


To conclude, the experience was very positive. In addition to the work of reflexivity and energizing the group, the students were delighted with the experience, fast, creative, and they have indeed expressed having learned in terms close to the Learning Objectives above.


by Philippe Mairesse

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