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Syllabus Bootcamp, a collective intelligence event

27 février 2017
Syllabus Bootcamp, a collective intelligence event for Audencia professors.

Initiated at the end of 2016 by Tamim Elbasha, Associate Professor of Management and Eliane Vacheret, Pedagogical Engineer at Audencia Business School, Syllabus Bootcamp is a series of one-hour workshops, where professors come together to help co-develop a syllabus or a learning activity.

In each workshop, one professor, a ‘client’, brings along a syllabus she/he would like to discuss. The other participants act like ‘consultants’. The aim of the workshop is to help the ‘client’ achieve her/his goals, such as introducing transdisciplinary activities, introducing new materials into the course, thinking about different ways of delivery, trying to respond to students’/program directors’ feedback etc.

The client then receives suggestions, feedback from her/his peers (who are from different disciplines). The decision of whether to implement or not, is always in the hands of the client.

The Syllabus Bootcamp initiative aims at:

  • Encouraging a reflective approach to design teaching and leaning
  • Generating new learning activities
  • Encouraging social learning by sharing learning /teaching practices

The workshop format, intentionally limited to a small group of professors (4 to 6 maximum) is fostering common work in a supportive and nurturing atmosphere.

For the first "Syllabus Bootcamp", 4 workshops were organized in November and December 2016. The professors exchanged in a collegial way on a course, whether in finance, law, HR, management. The subject is mainly based on pedagogical objectives, format and course animation.

The objectives of the session were fully met as clients and consultants exchanged experience, left the workshop with new ideas for their discipline and shared teaching material (evaluation grid, list of ‘Ice Breaking’ workshops ...).

Please find below some feedback on the first session.

“Useful, helpful, nice to get to know each other’s and know what we are all doing, good to share difficulties while we too often keep them for ourselves. “


“This is a really interesting session and useful in every way."


“The Syllabus Bootcamp was both interesting and useful for both sides whether you were a client or a consultant”

“The fact that I talked about the problems with my course was useful per se. The suggestions and the feedbacks I got from the “consultants” were extremely valuable too and I am going to put them in practice next week!”

“I enjoyed very much the Syllabus Bootcamp. To me it has been very insightful to be a “client” and a “consultant” at the Syllabus Bootcamp, to receive new ideas, share experiences, and also to get more visibility about what our colleagues are doing in their courses. I am also very supportive of the development of transversal themes.”


The second “Syllabus Bootcamp” has already been planned for the new semester!

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